The orphaned children living tn the center are provided good shelter. Initially, in 2003, a three-storey building was rented in Gathaghar, Bhaktapur. Nepal. But had to move in to few renting homes since then.  It is always hard to move with children and the stuffs from one place to other. Therefore, we are planning to build our own home outside of Kathmandu valley where the children could get a fresh environment and the cost of land is much cheaper.


The orphaned children living tn the center are provided healthy food . The food is collected from donations. Initially the founder himself donated for the food. Later in 2006 Muthi Daan campaign was started. Every participating family when cooking meal take a fist of rice apart and put in a bucket for donation. Every month about 50 kg of rice was collected that way. Because of having hard time to collect from door to door this campaign was stopped in 2014.

Health and Education

The children in the center get quality education from different schools. Some students are provided scholarship from schools and some funded by some individuals. Rest are covered by the center. Apart from the school education, the center provides in-house coaching and extra curricular activities such as sports, yoga, music, dance and other life skills activities. Some disabled children attend school for children with disabilities.






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