Sushila Care and Service Centre (SCSC) is a non-profit and secular social service organization. SCSC came into operation from the 1st of September 2003 when a three-storied building was rented in Gathaghar, Bhakatapur, Nepal. Within two months of its opening the centre was home to twelve orphans. At present, there are ten children with ages ranging from eight to seventeen years old. Prior to this, eight children have been raised and re-established in the community. Also we have supported a few poor family children for their education. The facility is capable of sheltering up to 25 children depending on the finances available at any given point in time.




Orphanage Center for Education

Our primary mission and work has been helping orphan children with their basic needs such as food, shelter and education and unconditional love and support. We provide a loving home for orphan and abandoned children with parental care for their holistic development including physical, intellectual and emotional well being in a loving and safe environment, and also a secure and independent future. Our plan to provide them home selter and education. We are sending more than 100 orphanages to various school in capital of Nepal and various district in Nepal.


Muthi Daan

Before cooking meal every day our contributors take a fist of rice which is collected in a bucket. The collected rice is donated to our organization. This is known as Muthidaan. We started Muthi Deen from May 2006. Every month we used to collect of around 50 KG rice.We stopped collecting the Muthi Deen from 2014, because of having hard time collecting from door to door. Our special thanks goes to Miss.Mithu Devi Sapkota for devoting her time to collect Muthi Daan from door to door.  


Future Plan

We are planning to build a home and school for children in SCSC. Our first priority is a home. During these twelve years we have already moved to a few renting homes. It’s always hard to move with children from one home to another and costly as well. And the rent is increasing every other year.Therefore, we are planning to build our home outside of Kathmandu valley, where the children could get a fresh environment and the cost of the land is much cheaper compared to Kathmandu valley. Future program: To build a home for the orphan children at Sushila Care, we are planning to organize fundraising program.


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At Nepal:

Sushila Care & Service Centre

Sinamangal, 35-Kathmandu (Near Pepsi Cola factory)

Tel: + 977 1 499 2089






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